Kaci Jones

Director of Operations

Born and raised in a farm community, Kaci is a city girl with a small-town heart. That is why she loves helping people not only in Lubbock, but all the surrounding communities – big and small! When she’s not buying houses, you will find her husband, Alan, and her out on lake or walking their rather large dog. She runs an online store and dabbles in photography, a skill she uses to help Rescue One promote their adoptable dogs.

Kaci joined the team as a House Buying Specialist and is now the Director of Operations. She brings 20+ years of sales and management to the table which feeds her attitude that is an exciting blend of can-do and extreme organization. Her experience and education extend beyond just the realm of real estate into the other factors that could impact you as a homeowner. Because of that, she can look at the larger picture of any transaction to make sure you are getting the right opportunity for you.